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Love languages

Me, being a single lady, hate the dating game. I read a book about the 5 love languages, by Gary Chapman.

Although this book is targeted to those in relationship am going to see if I can translate all the lessons taught in it.

Because all of us want love, it’s human connection, but it’s the journey, not the destination.

It ends with the 5 love languages, but goes into detail about each one throughout the book. But I’ve done all the hard work, spending the time reading it & have condensed down without the jargon. So here are the five:

1. Words of affirmation.

2. Quality time.

3. Getting gifts.

4. Acts of service.

5.Physical touch.

That’s them in short, I will be going into detail about each one in future posts. That will keep me busy for the time being.

Social capital

In short, being popular. Generally knowing how to sell yourself.

It is generally being very good at communicating & how to act in certain situations. This can be done through understanding what the other says, how they say it, what they mean, down to even their body language.

A more adult version of this would be sexual capital. Oh god, back on this subject, sorry fam. But everyone knows what I mean. Not how good they are in bed, but what precedes that.

How “sexy” they are; both physically & mentally. How good they are at flirting, too. It also depends on what the person finds sexy, I guess. Some people objectively have sexual capital, generally good looking/big boobs for ladies (this is usually influenced by culture though). You don’t need social capital for sexual capital, but it helps.

I think I have a fair bit of social capital (undoubtedly narcism too). I find I get on with people very well, interesting & erudite. I won’t dare talk about my sexual capital though, it’s just is a subject people (bloggers) wouldn’t have the audacity to touch though.


So I can’t really read this but here is the handwritten plan for my workouts at the gym…. all with what I proposed to get me walking in the heels. I’ll go into more detail about what’s included in a future post, but in short it is;

Warm up : crosstrainer 5 minutes followeds

5 minutes backwards

Matt work: stretching hips, reverse squats from kneeling with kettlebell

Smith machine: squat & arms (more detail in future posts)


Row machine L5

I can’t read the rest but shall divulge in future posts


Today I had a marvellous lunch with some friends at I J Mellis.

Mellis is a cheese merchant & our lunch was best described as “refined” & “boujee”.

For this lunch we had wine & cheese, don’t you know… so I had:

-cornicons & oatcakes(which came with all dishes)

-Torres Truffle

-Lancashire blue (cheese)

-Blackmount goats cheese


All cheese & meet have no carbs. Check out their website but it’s nothing like going to the shop.

Carb counting

I’m releasing my diabetes & starting on care counting. This is basing on set doses of insulin.

Tonight, as I’m trying to get through the food I have left. This is particularly the dried food in the cupboards, I have come to terms that I’ll never get the motivation to cook. Or want to eat.

I have done spaghetti bolognaise, couscous, lasagna, lentils and sushi (lots of sushi rice, lentils, couscous) & more left in the freezer.

I portioned out my Japanese dumplings tonight, the amount of tonight’s dumplings, however, was pitiful.

Carbohydrates needed (for me I’m 1unit of insulin = 10g carbohydrates)

% carbohydrate in 100g (most food has this in “nutritional information” found at the back)

X 100 (This ratio is just an average for me, so depending on your doses & how much you eat it may vary. )


It has certainly evolved with the career of being an “influencer”. It’s certainly understanding how the culture & technological advances affect trends.

So what is persuasion? I’ll give you some examples which have been experimented scientifically.

It really depends on the geographic culture on how you act to the subject. That can be in what manner you speak to them (pronouncing particular things in a certain way) or the content of conversation or everything down to manners.

A way to influence is to tap into the fear of loss. That can be something like “we only have 2 left” or “a woman across the country is wanting more than you” -competition- or wanting what you can’t have -scarcity- sale price or sell by date.

There’s forms of influence, like if someone gives you a gift, you feel like you owe them something in return where it’s a gift, a favour or an invitation. We dismiss or have nasty names for those who don’t show obligation, like “mooches”.

It’s not what we receive, it’s that we re.

In financial terms, most of the things we are persuaded to do (or buy particularly) is not about the monetary value of the item. It’s about how awful, psychologically, to dismiss it.

Optic nerve damage

It has been found a small molecule that can stimulate nerve regeneration & restoring qnerve vision after injury in the optic nerve. Where your brain meets your vision.

TBIs, spinal cord and optic nerve in the central nervous system (CNS) are problems with seeing, being the main form of disability & 2nd leading cause of death globally. Injuries caused by CNS, being a result in a traumatic loss of the senses, motor response or visual functions (is sight not your main important sense) are potentially manageable.

Scientists have found a molecule which can penetrate regeneration of nerves, resulting visual functions after the connection of the brain to visual stimulus is injured.

So maybe there’s hope for loss of sight due to optic nerve damage.

This would be the best situation to say I have no sight in my right eye.


A coma is a state of unresponsive unconsciousness & the person cannot be just woken up. Kind of like a sleep extra sleep, without dreams.

I have SURVIVED 3 comas & I really shouldn’t be so proud of that. Well it takes more than a coma to kill me, I should know.

A coma can result from injury to the brain, such as a severe head injury or stroke. A coma can also be caused by severe alcohol poisoning or a brain infection (encephalitis).

My 1st coma was when I got diabetes. Technically, it killed me, but I am here to tell the story. Kinda like a miracle.

My 2nd was from my TBI, known as a traumatic brain injury. Of course I can’t remember any, I wish I did.

I experience memories form what others tell me, or information I find on my laptop & mobile. It really has left me searching for my identity. Its weird having all these memories, but no personal perspective.

I’ll close this post with “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”

Tidying up

I have gone through a period of tidying up my flat, mainly chucking out all the things I don’t use, need or want. This includes a lot of unwanted clothes. & my main subject of conversation is food, where I have rusted out my cupboards. In which there’s a lot of dried food.

I will never eat or have the motivation to cook to eat. So I’m going through each, cooking it in bulk & keeping it in Tupperware in the fridge so I’m make likely to eat them.

I have done spaghetti, couscous, sushi rice, lasagna and guess what tonight is…

Lentils with chopped tomatoes & ham


So far a while, I put my blog in my routine. I was diligent on posting every day. To build a routine including it, being a way to help me get through my brain injury; a certain time endocrined in my routine. That’s how our brains work; having a time that you are meant to do certain things.

Don’t you remember in school you had a time for a certain class.

My blog became less important as other things gained more of my attention, but i want to return to blogging more often as it’s a way to regain my routine. It is something that can help my memory & an introduction to working life.

Also a way to help/inspire others in my position. So I have to set a theme of this blog, well it’d be like meeting me digitally.

But as for the theme I have to decide who my target market would be & work out what my USPs are (USP=Unique Selling Point). I think you can probably work out who I’m aiming to read this from what my USPs are, but I’m pretty sure none of my readers are stupid. So here we go;

I am recovering from a brain injury. Attended @headway for a short time, however I mainly went to use their gym.

I’m leaning to walk. All of my walking progress is down to my private physio sessions. Done through @neurophysio.

I’m in care in @leonardchesire in #edinburgh where I live.

I’m working to commit my leisure time partially to this #blog.

I’m currently doing an MA in business and management at @uclan

I have #diabetes. diabetes mellitus, so type 1. A lot of my content may be targeted to the diagnostic community.

While being vain, I have a fair amount of social capital (those who know me in person can vouch for that).

I’m fairly #errodite. Into #randomfacts

I studied #faskiondesignanddevopment at @lcf in London


I haven’t posted in ages…. This is probably as I’ve matured… like a fine wine or cheese.

The fact that family members read this, too, is a bit alarming… especially all the content on “sex”. I think its my audacity that makes me not scared to talk about it.

I perceive I am growing up again , so that period was my teenagedom & early twenties, that time I was probably-a bit obsessed. And, forgive me family members, but promiscuous.


This blog really has been an expression of my life through rehab. I would like to set an example for however difficult things may seem, they do get better, if you persevere. Throughout this journey I have changed physically & mentally, but the same erudite sarcastic woman has been in there, all along. I recently saw John Lloyd at the the fringe & he said the trick to success isn’t talent, either luck, it’s PERSISTENCE.

So be like me & persist.

Visiting Edinburgh

As I have some friends visiting me from other countries, I have had to develop a brilliant plan which can adapt to their performances (like what they like to do and what is in my routine too).

This can appeal to tourists too to visit Edinburgh, like a rota of what is best to see and do here. So to find out how I’ll be the hostess with the mostess of Edinburgh, I’ll go on:::

Edinburgh museum

Greyfriars Bobby

Camera Obscurea

National gallery of Scotland

Restaurants: The Alchemist

Restaurants: Aisle

Restaurants: tollhiue


… basically, don’t.

There was a study where participants had to choose, say, a piece of art, which they preferred. The subjects were split into 2 groups & 1 group had to go with their gut feeling. The other had to take a more educated choice, why they made the choice they did.

A while after, they were asked how satisfied they were with their initial choice. Those who went with their gut feeling were more satisfied. Explained because when you make an educated choice, you’re blinded by the positives & don’t see the negatives. If you just relax & don’t put too much pressure on the decision, things tend to work out, some how.

When you’re really wanting something to happen, it only will when you stop focusing on it.


So my TBI caused me to have aphasia, which I knew nothing about. & I imagine you don’t either, so let me introduce it.

My aphasia is mainly making me have to learn how to walk again, but the most common type of aphasia is Broca’s aphasia(the language part of the brain). This affects the frontal lobe of the brain. In this circumstance, they may have paralysis in their right side, probably expecting why my right eye is blind.

Those with aphasia usually have damage on the left side of the brain. This controls movements on the right side of the body.

Aphasia is common for those without brain injury, where stroke survivors will have aphasia. It’s estimated that more than 2.5 million people are living with aphasia in the US alone.


For those who don’t know what acetylcholine (a chemical messenger)is, it sounds like it’s made up, it actually exists. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter.

It’s is at its highest in REM sleep (that is rapid eye movement) & just when you wake up.

Its function is that it helps your brain retain information when you’re awake. What it does is keep the information there.

It is known for problems with your brain like Alzheimer’s disease & Parkinson’s.

This chemical was the first neurotransmitter (messages to & from the brain to cells) discovered. So neurotransmitters

Imbalances in levels of acetylcholine play a role in some neurological conditions. People who have Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease tend to have low levels of acetylcholine.

There is no proven way to maintain ideal levels of acetylcholine and prevent neurological diseases. However, researchers are developing advanced treatments to help people with these health conditions live longer, healthier lives.

In this article, we look at how acetylcholine is linked with various health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, myasthenia gravis, and Parkinson’s disease. We also discuss treatments for acetylcholine-related conditions.

You can do what I did & buy acetylcholine jewellery like I did from this awesome brand I love. It’s so Leuty.

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